What Are The Fabrics Of The Swimsuit

- Mar 06, 2020-

What are the fabrics of the swimsuit

1, du pont lycra: is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, can be extended to the original length of 4 ~ 6 times, excellent extension, suitable for mixing with a variety of fibers, can strengthen the quality of hanging, wrinkle and other advantages. The chlorine-resistant dubbon lycra will give swimwear a longer life than those made from ordinary materials.

2, polyamide fabric: texture is not as solid as lycra fabric, but the flexibility has been on a par with lycra. Currently the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, suitable for mid-priced products.

3. Polyester fabric: it is a stretch fabric with one-way and two-side extension. Because of limited elasticity, most of them are used in swimming trunks or women's swimming two-body style, not suitable for one-body style. Fabric that can be partially spliced or applied with low unit price strategy.