Iron-free Finishing Of Cotton Spandex Fabric

- Mar 31, 2020-

Iron-free finishing of cotton spandex fabric

Cotton-panel spandex weft stretch shirt fabric is relatively light and thin, which is prone to problems such as curling, wrinkles, and unstable door dimensions during dyeing and finishing. By improving the dyeing and finishing process and process parameters, such as pre-shaping before sintering, dry-setting at 190 ° C × 60 s before bleaching, and adding a water rolling tank before the mercerizing machine rolls the alkali tank to ensure the fabric width and elasticity. And the shrinkage rate is stable. After ironing-free finishing, the flatness of the fabric can reach 3.3, shrinkage rate is less than 3%, small loss of strength and good elasticity.

Cotton-panel spandex weft stretch non-iron shirt fabric not only has the good characteristics of cotton, such as moisture absorption, breathability and feel, etc., but also has high elasticity, good resilience, easy care after washing, and is loved by people. However, because the cotton-laminated spandex weft stretch shirt fabric is thin and elastic, its dyeing and finishing process is very difficult, and problems such as curling, wrinkling, dry shrinkage and swelling, and unstable door width are prone to occur during the production process.