How To Wash The Swimsuit Fabric

- Mar 06, 2020-

How to wash the swimsuit fabric

Swimsuit is not ok washing machine stir wash, dehydration or insolation, cannot use dryer more, lest destroy material to cause change.

Most bathing suits are washed by hand in cold water (no more than 30 degrees) to air dry. Must not use soap, washing powder to wait for cleaner, because great majority cleaner contains bleach, fluorescent agent component, if use can destroy swimsuit colour and lustre, also can damage swimsuit flexibility, should absolutely avoid.

In addition, after swimming, wet swimsuit is sure to remember not to be put in bag for a long time frowzily, lest be heated fade or stink, answer speed to wash gently with clear water hand knead, after absorbing moisture with towel again, air is in the place of shade of light point-blank not point-blank.